A Craft Fair should have CRAFTS, People!

Posted: November 11, 2012 in Crafting Epic Fail, Luh-OOO-sers!, Porn? What Porn?, Useless Shit

Today I went to a craft fair. I go to this fair every year to support a women’s club. This was my last year to go. 😦

I don’t plan on attending anymore because for the past 3 years the exact same people are there in the exact same spots and they always have the exact same items. Literally. It’s like they can’t think up any new crafts or something. Are.you.kidding.me? 🙄

There are only so many hats and scarves I can wrap around my body. I realize people buy wreaths but not the EXACT same wreath you sold them last year. Maybe there is a secret society of people who collect handmade jewelry like they do Pound Puppies or baseball cards, but I know not ONE PERSON who does this. And stringing ugly beads onto fillament and attaching a closure is not enough “uniqueness” for me to want to spend $25 on a necklace.

Oh, and if you do at home “parties” like Scentsy, Thirty-one, and Tastefully Simple? YOU ARE NOT A CRAFT! Get the fuck OUT! If i wanted any of that shit, I would just attend one of the 87 parties I am invited to a year!

The most crafty items there were at the Relay for Life bake sale. My stand in wedding photographer was running that booth… and the proceeds go towards the Relay for Life. Good cause, right? So I gave them $5 and I got to pick anything and as many items as I wanted off the table. I choose 4 items. I have tasted 3. Blech! 😆

I am happy that it was all for a good cause because I would have been pissed if I just paid for that stuff. Does no one TASTE what they cook anymore before handing it off to unsuspecting community members? Sheesh! 🙄

I’m starting to think the days of craft fairs are numbered and done. I mean, if I am just going to see the same old crap every time and have to wind my way around a million VENDORS (note: NOT CRAFTERS) then forget about it!



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