I swear, I was going to post here all week but work has been super busy and super stressful! Then, today I decided I would definitely do it and here I am at 11:23pm typing frantically to get SOMEthing in the damn blog! 🙄

There is never enough time in a day. This work schedule of 10am to 6:30pm blows… it never leaves enough time in the morning to do anything and it’s way past dark by the time I get off. I spend an hour if I  am lucky with the baby before he has to go to bed and then I spend the rest of the time at night trying to: cook, clean, decompress, watch a little TV, talk to my handful of family and friends, get over to Andy’s grandmother’s next door, and check up on my grown children to be sure they are still alive and not homeless. THERE’S NOT ENOUGH TIME! 😯

I should first mention that Andrew suddenly had a change of heart regarding his selfish, nonsensical approach to holiday giving for my OUR newborn child. I don’t know what happened to change his mind. I highly doubt he reads anything here or he’d probably be more mad than apologetic… No… What I imagine (with glee) happened is that he mentioned this rigid plan and thought process with some of the women at work and one of them bitch slapped him up side his head and said WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? SNAP OUT OF IT? in a Cher kind of way…

Okay, maybe it didn’t happen like that… but I can imagine that it did happen like that if I want. What matters most is that he abandoned that awful, self serving, ridiculous idea of the 4 gift rule and said we could conspire together. So I love him for that. 😉

On my end, I had already bought 2 gifts, though, because I was secretly plotting to sabotage him by setting a precedent that I would ALWAYS be the way cooler parent by getting 4 gifts of absolute WANTS. No needs, reads, or wears… just pure fun, fun, fun! 👿 I didn’t tell Andy of my master plan. I just told him I had purchased a couple of things…

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and we are trekking 3+ hours down to my brother’s home in Bloomington. I wish I was looking forward to it but I’m not… I’m going more out of obligation. If I don’t do it now, it will be over a year before I see my brother again because he will NEVER come visit me without someone else footing the bill for it. Dude makes $25,000 more a year than me and bitches and complains about being broke constantly. 🙄

Thankfully, all my kids and my grandson will be going with Andy and me. So at least we are all in this special corner of hell together tomorrow. Yay. 😆

Well I normally have a rather grand Thankful post for Thanksgiving but this year I am just going to have to keep it short and simple because this chick looks and smells something horrible… so I need a bath…

2012 Things I Am Thankful For:

1. My children – Of course, I say it every year, and I have been saying it alot lately so maybe it’s redundant… but Thank you, God, for my children. Chelsea for showing me that I was a good mother even when I was young as she is evidence. James for being the challenge of my life but still my first born son where many of my young dreams and hopes still lie just waiting for him to discover them and put them to good use. And for Sean who has transformed my life and made me feel alive again.

2. My husband – Yeah, he can be frustrating and annoying, but I don’t think there is a soul mate out there who isn’t all those things to their partner. It’s the flip side of that – the feeling that even through the flaws you just cannot ever stand the thought of being without them EVER – that tricks you into thinking those annoying frustrations are both the reason you hate and the reason you love everything about that person. That’s Andrew for me. I cannot ever imagine him not being with me. He is my rock. He is my saving grace.

3. My co-workers and clients – Without them, I would have told my employer to get lost and come back and get me when they find their ethics and morality again… Every single day is still a challenge but my co-workers make me realize that I am not alone in my struggles and my clients remind me why I have been so in love with my job for the first 19 years I worked it. I am so blessed to have those people in my life. Daily.

4. My job – As much as I hate corporate politics, I am grateful to have a job. It provides me with the ability to be financially independent. I have a way to provide for myself and my children without having to rely on anyone if I ever am in a situation where I had to. It provides me with benefits that allow me to get medical care when I need it. It provides me with purpose and strength of mind. It reminds me how good my life is and how bad it could get…

5. Chelsea’s ROKU box – This has enabled me to become much more in touch with all the real world people out there talking about cable TV shows that I have no idea WTF they are talking about! It has also helped me to find new and interesting shows that make me feel both smarter (the Misfits) and dumber (Hart of Dixie) than everyone else all at once! I love that freaking box! 😀

6. Safe Haven in Elizabeth – I am so so thankful that they took my beloved Petey in and found him a new home where he could play and be free and be loved. I was so worried and he was so poorly cared for by people I entrusted him to. I was worried I would have to put him down for no other reason than I had no where else to put him… I have never felt so relieved and happy about losing a loved one. It was an awesome experience and I am overly grateful to them!

7. Coffee and ibuprofen – without either one, I could not function on a daily basis. Period. Those are the two things I get absolutely first every single morning… even before getting the baby out of bed… I just cannot function without them. Sad but I am still so grateful I have these things…

I know this isn’t terribly insightful or profound. 🙄 I am just soooo off my game tonight… My head is spinning. I have this crazy feeling like I should be planning for Black Friday but I have nothing planned at all. In fact, I believe for the first time in 20 years I am NOT going shopping on Black Friday. I mean, I am sick of begging my handful of girlfriends to go with me or let me tag along with them. They all fucking suck… so why go out in those crowds… maybe later in the day when everyone else is shopped out I will think about venturing out… 😐

Well, I’ll wrap this up. HAPPY THANKSGIVING, YA’LL! My wish for each of you is that you avoid the turkey farts and that you are able to clock that rabid chick at Walmart reaching for the same hot item you are… and run faster! Love ya! Have fun!



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