I know it has been a while… which is why now I have a crapload of stuff to talk about. Let’s just dive right in, shall we?

So I have a new job. šŸ˜ Same employer but new position. I am so freaking relieved! The downside is that I am no longer a part of the team I was with for the last 20 years. I also am no longer a matriarch of that group as a result. That is a real bummer and quite sad but I would be blatantly lying if I did not admit to feel extraordinary relief over this. I am very excited about the new road. I will still be helping people on a regular basis but I will not be under super intense scrutiny regarding my time. I need that right now, even if only for a little while.

So this new job put me in training for 3 weeks straight and then I have to travel to Texas for my final week of training. EP members probably remember me bitch PROFUSELY about not being able to take any time off at Christmas. Well, apparently in this new position, they don’t even have us scheduled to do anything the entire week of Christmas! SCORE! So I was automatically approved for that week off. Woo hoo!

Prior to knowing all this, I had started the process of getting carpal tunnel surgery. I was going to do this prior to the end of the year which would have forced my manager to let me off for Christmas. But then I would have been unable to pick up the baby for at least 6-8 weeks… šŸ˜¦ I decided to postpone all of that so I could train for the new position. Sustaining my income is way more important that ridding myself of chronic pain. Plus, I was only eligible for 4 weeks of FMLA and I had to use it before January 19th. Postponing works out.

So I am NOT normally one of those hypochondriac whiny people. I tend to keep most aches, pains, and illnesses to myself. Case in point… I have been ill on and off since the wedding with sinus and cold symptoms. No one would know this because I don’t whine about that small stuff. And I know this is going to sound over the top dramatic but… I am pretty sure I have rheumatoid arthritis. If it’s not that then it’s either gonorrhea, mountain fever, or West African Trypanosomiasis. Damn it. šŸ˜

Andy still sucks to buy gifts for and once again, you people have been NO help. All my gifts for him are boring and lame. I was going to get him something cool and then he goes and buys it for himself.


Who does that? You should NEVER buy yourself any gifts or wants beyond Halloween, because you are just ruining someone else’s gift giving experience. Thank you very much.

I’ve been trying not to buy for Sean so that we can go together on that, but it is so HARD! I was in IKEA last week and saw JAWS… yes, you read that right… JAWS!Ā  There is no way in hell I could pass that up… I mean, come on, right???


I bought a new plasma 50″ TV on a Black Friday special. It’s great. Andy doesn’t think so but I do. Of course, I have tried telling him that we need to sit further back for it to look its best. He literally has us sitting 4 feet from it. I have asked him multiple times if we can rearrange the living room and he just flat out refuses. It’s maddening. I mean, as it is now, we cannot have any company over because it is so closed in and smaller than it needs to be. šŸ™„

Usually I can get my way on things like this… eventually. I have a system. I just “mention” something in passing to put feelers out there. Then if he doesn’t act like that’s a good idea, I argue my point. Then he gets frustrated with me and says something insensitive and stupid. Then, a couple of days later, his guilt kicks in and I get my way! šŸ˜€ That has not worked this time. Grrr!

My daughter is following in her stupid mother’s footsteps by letting her boyfriend repeatedly cheat on her. I hate that I set such a horrible example and I also know that no amount of lecturing is going to change her mind on how she handles this situation. So now I have to just sit back and watch helplessly and just be there for her when she needs emotional support. It sucks balls! My only good side of this is that she thankfully is not married to the douchebag and she does not have any children with him. Hooray for Implanon!

So that whole situation caused my grown ass son to inexplicably decide to disown his sister, saying he wants nothing to do with her because:

  • she doesn’t take his very rational and supposedly unbiased advice
  • her boyfriend is a “cancer” to the family
  • she is always doling out unwanted advice herself
  • she is ruining her future
  • he always takes my advice and she should to

So… I had to laugh on this. He NEVER takes my advice. He may “consider” my advice but he NEVER takes it. Ever. He considers her boyfriend to be a “cancer” to the entire family, but his father did the EXACT SAME THING. Whenever he gives advice, it is not sane or rational or even useable because it usually is still skewed to benefit himself in the long run… yes, even on matters that don’t involve him in any way. And, considering his current situation, he is the last person who can say someone else is ruining their future. Geez, kid. Wake up from your Hypocrisy Dream World!

My new TV thing is to watch season after season of completely stupid shows… I did Hart of Dixie one weekend with Chelsea. What a stupid unrealistic show. I watch Once Upon a Time, which is also unrealistic and now grating on my last nerve. Then I started watching Revenge, which is okay but the main characters drive me nuts. I also watch Guys with Kids (Tempest Bledsoe and Anthony Anderson are too FUNNY!), the New Normal, The B in Apt 23,Ā  Ben and Kate… and all those shows require no intellect at all. šŸ˜›

I finally caught up on The Amazing Race and so glad the gays won, even if the didn’t necessarily deserve it. They just happened to be smarter for the last challenge. I actually liked the twins but the rest of America probably hated them. Don’t say anything about Survivor, Project Runway All-Stars, or Top Chef as I am not yet caught up. The breast cancer storyline on Parenthood is bumming me out but that whole Sarah storyline is making me start to hate the show. I endured the last season of America’s Next Top Model. What a train wreck that show has turned out to be, eh?

My dad has decided that he is giving gifts for Christmas this year. I hate when he does that. He did that one year and I got towels and a used Gevalia coffee maker. The next year I got $300. Now, I know you are supposed to be thankful for whatever gift you are given. And, believe me, I fully understand that I am 42 years old… I shouldn’t expect anything at all. BUT, there is a HUGE disparity between $300 and $30 in towels (they were really nice towels but still!). Anyway, so he wants to give gifts. So I asked for a 2013 Grand Caravan.


He asked me if they made that in Matchbox. šŸ˜

Not funny.

Okay, so I asked for other things too but only the things I really want and they are decent gifts. Nowhere on this list does it say “used”. I also made sure that no towels were listed at all. I am hoping for a grill or a stove. I will be happy for whatever I get, though. Because I’m 42. I shouldn’t even be getting gifts anymore. **counting my blessings**

During my long, tortuous work days, I can think of so many things to talk about but there is never enough time lately to get them posted. Now I am posting and I can feel that I am forgetting a boatload of stuff. Accckkkk! šŸ˜Æ

Okay well I guess I will just add on later if I think of anything else. Hope everyone is keeping warm! It’s cold out there! Brrr!





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