I know! I’ve been busy!

I hope everyone’s Christmas went well and that everyone survived the onslaught of family get togethers and massive piles of unhealthy food. I obviously survived it… this time… 😐

I had my usual traditional Christmas breakfast. It was much smaller this year, thankfully. My new husband’s home is much too small to do my customary over the top crowd on Christmas morning. And that’s just fine by me. This Christmas was less stressful in that respect.

There were a few family type issues on both sides of our families, but one thing that really stood out for both Andrew and I this year is: Thank God we have each other now. If we each had to rely on our individual families alone to make us feel whole, we would be screwed! 😆

I will say that I had a really great Christmas with my father. He came up for breakfast and spent the whole day with me and we had really great conversations. I feel bad that he is lonely alot but it was really great to feel a closeness with him again. I was worried that all that time together in Italy which was so disastrous had ruined our relationship permanently. I’m glad it isn’t. 😀

So the new year is almost upon us. I am quite excited and am hoping for a much less stress filled 2013. 2012 was very eventful for me. I had my baby, I got married, I switched job titles at work. Those are all the good things. But the stress leading up to all of those events, especially the job change, was very bad for me healthwise.

I am still dealing with the carpal tunnel thing but I am resigned to the fact that I will have to live with that for at least a year or two. Thank you, Obamacare. The arthritis thing is still in full swing and another item on the wait and see list. Now, at age 42, PMS has reared it’s ugly head.

Pre-menstral acne at 42? WTF! I think it’s also causing some other weird symptoms like light headedness, off balance controls, and some random indigestion which I haven’t had since my gall bladder was out. I’m hoping all of that is PMS related because the alternatives are not good. 😦

So 2013 is going to be the year of taking care of me. Thanks to the Obamacare changes changing my health insurance drastically, I will have to really start taking care of myself holistically. I am open for suggestions so feel free to send me messages on what I can do. The first thing, of course, is to start losing weight again.

I have gained some weight this last year. Not intentionally… I just think all the stress and with so much going on, I didn’t pay any attention or basically just said “Screw it” when it came to controlling my weight. But that is definitely going to change.

Andrew deserves a skinnier wife. My son deserves a skinnier mom who can go do fun stuff with him. I am sick of feeling like shit and lethargic all the time. For the first time in a long time, I feel the need to live longer than my body intended.

So I am recommitting for 2013. I intend to lose at least 40 pounds next year. Still no super weight loss. I still have the same philosophy that I started with in 2008. Slow and steady wins the race. I know that. And it is always doable in those smaller increments. I look back now at pictures of myself at James’ graduation in 2007 and I know I am a completely different person. Completely. Now I just need to keep working the outside to match the inside. 😉

I have started my new position at work and am currently in training. I am very excited about it. It has been a breath of fresh air. I got to speak with a co-worker on my team who gave me some insight and it really does seem like a much different vibe going on in this department.

My only concern is that this position depends on government funding and the program ends in December 2013. If the funding is not renewed, well… then I may be out of a job… but I was worried about being fired every single day in my old position. In the new position, I am good for a year. Gotta look at the bright side… and it is what it is…

So my guess for 2013 blog posts will be weight loss bitching, new job praising, and adventures in parenting as we approach the second year with our little handful of joy! I’m hoping things stay stable for Chelsea and that James will stay on course and not screw anything up. 🙄 (A girl can dream!)

My wish for all of you is that you are all happy. Period. It’s so so so very important in life. Be happy. And if you aren’t, make whatever changes you need to so that you can be happy. It would suck to die tomorrow and never achieve that.

So do it. NOW!





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