Hey, everyone! How’s it going? 😐

I’m calmer now. 😐

But my sentiment is the same. 😐

Thanks for everyone who left comments and emailed me and IM’d me. I appreciate the feedback. Ya’ll know me when I get on a tangent… I tend to be a wee bit over emotional. I’m not saying I was wrong… I’m just saying that my reaction was a bit over the top. I’m sorry if I freaked anyone out. Maybe.

And, I’m also sorry – in advance – for my current vocabulary choices. But I am in a “take no prisoners” mode right now. So… if you are easily offended by foul language, you should probably skeedaddle right out of here. I’m not apologizing twice! You were warned. 😐

So… 42 year old me has taken the mature high road on the current beef I have with my husband and let the matter go for the moment. BUT… I will NOT be letting it go the next time. Now that I have a clear head, I have fully thought through what my response to similar situations will be in the future. He should watch out. Seriously. I’m not taking one ounce of that shit ever again. Period.

I feel bad for the guy that he just cannot seem to get the concept that just because he has a different perspective than others that that does not mean the others are idiots. And by others I mean me. I have raised 2 children. They both have their flaws but I consider neither of them to be failures. And they are both good people deep down. They may not exhibit that all the time but who does? All the time… No one. And both of my oldest children are alive and well and have good hearts. And I am proud of that. I can see worse things than raising kids with good hearts. 🙂

In other words, this is not my first rodeo in parenting. It is HIS first rodeo, though… but you don’t see me rubbing that in his face. EVER.

So that’s all I have to say about that for now. I’m sure I will freak the fuck out when it happens next time and I’ll be a stark raving lunatic at that time. I would like to think that even though he failed miserably as a husband by not apologizing AT ALL that he still learned from the encounter and that he won’t repeat himself again. Unfortunately, his 43 years of bachelorhood make him especially hard headed and blind. I’m pretty sure he’s going to walk his ass right into this trap again and then… KABLAM!!!!!!!

Just sayin’…

So now is as good a time as any to fully admit to not starting my fucking diet as planned. But I went out and got the food for it and I am eating right most of the time. If I could just get back to doing it ALL the time, I would nail this. Unfortunately, I do good all week and then eat shitty all weekend. I lost 2 pounds last week. I gained it all back over the weekend. 🙄

Anyway… I am recommitting. I am finally settled in my new position and have a good groove going in that. It’s only about half as stressful as my previous position so that’s a plus. I bought a shitload of kale… to try those Kale Chips everyone keeps pinning over on Pinterest. And I bought a new massive cup to try to get all my fluid intake in… my usual downfall. If I could get a personal chef and a nanny, I could do this with my eyes closed… 😆

I have a theory that Andrew is embarrassed of how I look. I think I know this because he never takes pictures of me with Sean but he sure takes a shitload of himself with Sean. 🙄 I don’t think he would ever admit this to me, but I don’t plan on ever asking him, because with my excellent luck, he will tell me the truth and I will be devastated.

Look, I know your husband is supposed to love you no matter how you look and Andrew has known me overweight as hell from the beginning, BUT I am not a dumbass. (Did you not guess that already? This is my second post this week proclaiming my NOT being stupid… which obviously probably makes me stupid. But, I digress…)

I know guys SAY they love their wives no matter what but they are so lying. Most would love if you looked hot all the time. It has nothing to do with love. It’s ego. And their penises. Truth. 😐

So I need to get some of my hotness back. I admit, I have not felt hot for some time. I gained some weight. I got lazy. I have less time to take care of myself so I feel worse about myself. Putting make up on is such a chore. And I LIKE not wearing a bra and staying in my PJs for 3 days straight, because really… if you can’t do that, it takes all the fun out of “working from home”. I’m living the dream! 😆

So, I’m all in for the re-commitment. I know Terry, Lisa, and Brenda are starting a new diet challenge next week on EP so anyone from that group who wants to join us, make sure you sign up by Sunday evening. First challenge will be one week (As Nate says… “7 days, bitches!”) of clean eating and 30 minutes a day of working out. We are starting small because we are all pathetic losers who can’t even keep promises to ourselves. 😛

BUT… we love to commit to things. We are habitual commiters. And it’s the one thing we as a group do so very well. 😉



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