Sunday Funday

Posted: March 10, 2013 in All-You-Can-Eat THIS!, Diabetes can fuck off, My body hates me, Useful Shit

So Sunday is the day that I have decided I won’t be as strict and log all my food intake because I usually cook food for the week and end up nibbling and it’s hard to log nibbles.

This last week went really well so I am motivated to keep it going. And my Bodymedia Armband thingie arrives tomorrow so I am hoping that will help motivate me to get off my ass more. 🙄

I lost like 7 pounds this last week but now I am massively bloated so I am avoiding the scale. Traditionally, I could gain 4-8 pounds in water weight during my TOTM, so stepping on the scale just seems like a waste of time right now. But I have felt very good up until now.

So, today, I decided to try out a few of those Pinterest recipes I have pinned and keep on pinning because I forgot I already pinned them. 🙄 I think it was pretty successful:

I made brownies with a can of Diet Coke first. The calorie count for a 24 piece pan was only 92 calories each so that is pretty impressive. I won’t lie… the texture is not like a traditional brownie. BUT… it will suffice and definitely quelled my PMS craving for chocolate. They are still pretty rich and dense, just not fluffy in any way.



Then I attempted to make Buffalo Chicken Egg Rolls. They came out okay. Andy really liked them and he is not always a big fan of my food. ( 😯 I know, right??? WTF???) I should mention that I am part Asian… and egg rolls were definitely meant to be fried, dammit.

Because I live in the middle of nowhere, the one place I found egg roll wrappers at I bought from… and then discovered today that half the package was moldy. So that pissed me off. Then, in the middle of cooking, I run out to the town store to see if they have any and of course they don’t so I only got to make a few.

eggroll large

Now, because I didn’t discover the shit package of wrappers until I was already halfway through my recipe, I had to make SOMETHING out of the leftover chicken! And here’s what I came up with:

pizza large

So that was my Sunday. What did everyone else cook today?


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