My new tech gadgets are possessing me!

Posted: March 18, 2013 in All-You-Can-Eat THIS!, Beyond Lazy, Mondays are a Bitch!, My body hates me

So I haven’t been posting because I am obsessed with my new gadget, the Google Nexus 7. This is one of the gifts I was able to get from my employer for surviving my job for 20 years. You can accumulate these “points” to buy stuff with. I didn’t have enough to buy a car yet.


I hope to make it to 25 years because I’ll get another big pay out but I figured I will take what I can get NOW like every other hard ass working American out there because, let’s be real… none of us knows if we will have a job tomorrow. Loyalty and dedication is NOT appreciated by corporate America anymore… but I digress…. 🙄

Okay, so I got my Nexus 7 and now I rarely use my laptop. I have been doing everything on the tablet but writing is laborious. I plan to try out just transcribing a post via the voice to text feature soon. That is tops in my “way to be the laziest human being ever” list… and you know I got that list going strong right now. 👿

My other new gadget is the Bodymedia Fit Link armband. It was kind of pricey but I found an online coupon and they were having a sale so all told it was only $127 total. I figured this was a good investment in me and March is my extra paycheck month so it was my little gift to myself.


So far, it has been interesting. It tracks all my activity for the day and converts it to calories burned. It seems accurate but what do i know? Maybe it’s totally wrong! I have no clue. 😆 In any case, it “seems” accurate and isn’t over the top in terms of believability in it’s numbers. There are all sorts of scientific factors to it but I haven’t looked around to see if anyone refutes the research behind it all. I’m choosing gullibility I guess.

Since March 1st, I have lost about 8 pounds. Last week sucked because it was my TOTM (to answer someone’s comment from another post: I call it TOTM because my ex-brother-in-law’s name is Tom and I kinda like the kid so I am not going to call my period TOM… it’s TOTM… so STFU.) and I lost like .2 pounds… Yes, that’s point two! Damn natural womanly processes!

Anyway, I do love all the numbers. I am a numbers kind of girl. 🙂 It will be great to see my progress as I start moving more. I’m still working on that, of course, but this is a motivating factor. It keeps track of steps and you have to be swinging your arms for it to track that. I walked all over freaking Walmart on Saturday and it still showed I walked less steps than on a day that I just stayed home… but I was pushing a cart so my arms weren’t swinging. Darn it!

I bought this model because it had bluetooth and I have not yet been able to get it to work with my brand new Google Nexus 7. I have everything installed and my tablet shows that it is paired with the armband but it never connects with the software, which I downloaded onto my tablet twice thinking that was the problem… but it was not. There is some shit in the support forums saying you should just reset your armband and reload it… that sounds dangerous and reminds me of when you call tech support and they always used to tell us we had to reinstall Windows… yeah right! 😆

My other beef with this contraption is that it is promoted heavily as being on the show Biggest Loser (which is probably why it was on sale since the current season was running). Now, people on the Biggest Loser are 300-400 pounds usually. I am not anywhere near those numbers. But the stupid armband was so tight on my enormous gross arms that it actually bruised me and left blood blisters. I tried various ways of wearing it and it is at the loosest setting possible, but it still hurts. Anyone else have this problem?

Now you cannot tell me that those 400 pound people had smaller arms than me. If that’s the case, geez louise! I am such a fat ass! I have 500 pound arms apparently! 😯

I am still looking for a way to Jerry rig it. I tried wearing it on my calf but the numbers aren’t accurate when I do that. I thought about going to the fabric store and purchasing a new strap but the current strap is actually built in to the whole thing. I could replace one side but not the other because I have nowhere to hook it to the other side!

Right now, my fix has been to purchase a knee brace from Spalding that is just an elastic tube sleeve. It was long so I had to cut it. I pull it way up on my upper arm and then shove the reader gadget thing down inside so it’s touching my arm correctly. It works… I just hope it isn’t causing it not to register my activity incorrectly. Plus, they only had one of these braces at Walmart and it was a size Large. I probably needed an extra large. It still hurts and makes my sensitive fat ache but at least I don’t look like a battered wife now. Hopefully, as I lose weight, this will become more comfortable.


I am still keeping up with my food logging and have been impressing myself daily. I have been using which is great because you can use other users input for items. Fitday did not seem to get that. I never have to input any quantities myself because all my fellow foodies have eaten everything under the sun over at! It’s awesome!

You can check out my food log now. Nate likes to see it to make fun of my bad food choices. I say to each his own… I’m just trying to make whatever work for me… I don’t tell you how to eat or what to eat… whatever works for you is what you should do. Period. 😛

So, now, with all that being said… I am going to go kick someone’s ass on Ruzzle with my Google Nexus 7.

PEACE!!! 😀


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