I’m so bad at this…

Posted: April 4, 2013 in Beyond Lazy, Excuses excuses excuses, I Suck at Life, Laying Low, My body hates me

I used to be really good about blogging regularly and now my mind is all ***BLAHHH***


I can never seem to remember to post. I think of things to write about all the time but I am so overwhelmed with work now that my mind is a hot mess by the time I clock out for the day. I will cherish the day when I can retire…

Yeah. I said that.

I always thought I would be one of those people who would work until my dying day but my job is so high stress now. I can’t imagine anything more grating than having to work under this extreme pressure for the rest of my damn life. It’s sad really because I used to love this job. And I guess I still do… if I wasn’t being pressured to do the impossible all the time and actually given a pat on the back in a genuine way once in a while… 😐

So what have I been UP TO??? (Nate asked…)

Well, I got the flu right before Easter. Everyone in our house had it and it wiped me out for 3 days. It sucked. But I lost 4 pounds. Which I promptly gained back due to bloat. Yay me.

I did end up losing 10 pounds in the month of March. I know I should be happy with that, but I’m not. I hate dieting right now. If my husband genuinely liked fat chicks and they made clothes that looked better on my fat ass, I would give it up this second just to be able to eat a massive plate of beef stroganoff right now.


It’s just so unfair that I can’t eat things I actually like and are comforting to me. Why can’t beef stroganoff only be 200 calories for a large platter of it? Dammit! And why does hot buttered popcorn have to be a gazillion calories? WHY?


I am just way too anxious right now to get the weight off and 10 pounds a month seems so S-L-O-W. Back when I was actually commited, my goal was slow and steady wins the race. Thirty pounds a year was my only goal. Maybe that’s my problem. I am too overly anxious to hit my 30 this time around because I actually want to be even less than that.

I have all this “stuff” coming up… my birthday… summer… 4th of July… swimming. I can’t go out looking like I do now. I look horrible right now. The pregnancy really did a number on my shape. I’ve always been a curvy girl but now I am just a fat ass boy. Ick. So not happy about that. *sigh*

Ugh. I know. I’m just whining and being a pussy about this. πŸ™„

I’ve really been missing Petey lately. I’ve been watching old episodes of the Dog Whisperer on Netflix. Thank God there are only 12 available. My husband does have a dog, Kiana, but she has always hated me. She is a really jealous bitch (literally) and is not affectionate in any way whatsoever.


I thought of maybe calling the people who adopted Petey to see how he’s doing but I have decided against it. I’m afraid that they will tell me that he ran away and they couldn’t find him or that they took him to the pound. I hope that hasn’t happened but I have decided that maybe it’s better if I don’t know. I would be devastated to find that out, especially since I fretted so much and spent so much time finding him a proper place where he could find a new loving home. I would feel awful if he didn’t end up being loved immensely for the rest of his life.

Because of my work hours and Andy’s schedule, I spend alot of time alone and having a dog to cuddle with and be my companion would really be helpful. Kiana ignores me most of the time, and when she isn’t ignoring me, she is generally disobeying me or trying to get my food. Andy isn’t big on lap dogs so she certainly is not one of those types to begin with.


If I ever get another dog, I would love to have a smaller type dog. Not teeny but not really big either. Petey wasn’t always the most well behaved guy but I always knew that I could pick his ass up right up out of any situation and lay him down with just my hands. I could not do that with a larger dog.

Andy’s dog attacked the little ankle biter across the street a couple of days ago. If that had happened on my watch, I would not have been able to get her back under my control. Small dogs are controllable. Maybe that’s just me bullshitting myself. πŸ˜†

Oh… I wanted to thank BRENDA for notifying me that I am an extreme dumbass by finding the large size straps for my Bodyfit thingamajig. I bought one immediately after she sent the link. I got it in a few days… it immediately broke. 😦 I emailed Bodymedia and they promptly sent a new one out and didn’t make me send the old one back. THAT is good customer service right there…

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was that I was going to start making sure that people who gave good customer service were praised with a formal thank you card sent. People don’t do those things anymore. We are so accustomed to doing everything online or by phone. How many of you have been asked to take a survey at the end of a call and hang up before you actually get stuck doing it?

Well, I know first hand that those surveys actually help employees who deserve it… and personal comments are greatly appreciated and help those employees stand out with their employers. In todays world, I imagine there are all sorts of people who have really shitty jobs talking to people on the phone all day. The people they speak with are usually calling them with some type of problem. They are upset and frustrated and screaming and yelling… not what the representative probably wanted to hear but hey, it’s a job, right?


I decided that I would try to start recognizing people for that. Because it’s a shitty world out there. People are being shit on and people are taking shit out on people they shouldn’t. When someone is providing me with great customer service, I fully have committed to making sure I commend that person and I hope to do it in a way where that employee will get some recognition from their employer.

I should also say this: if you provide horrible customer service, you just might be hearing from me on that as well… because you know what? There are 100 people out there who have been unemployed for more than a year who would love and appreciate having the position you don’t even act like you want to have… So you’d better watch out for me. πŸ˜‰


Random thought: This is how busy I have been… I received my one Netflix movie 6 weeks ago. I haven’t watched it yet. 😐 Why am I paying for this? Grrr!


Quickie Product Review: The MISTO. Anyone have this contraption? I have no idea why I bought it. They sell Pam with Olive Oil now… why do I need the MISTO? Anyway, I was at Bed, bath, and Beyond and felt compelled to buy it as I sat looking at it while sitting around waiting for a friend to finish shopping. I get it home and it’s broke right out of the box. And the freaking BB&B store is 75 miles away! GAH! I hate that! Anyway, just so you know… now that I do have it out of the box, even if it did work, I’m thinking “totally useless”.


Okay, well, I have so much more to completely ramble on about, but now, it’s ONE FREAKING A.M. and I need to try to get some sleep before my kid wakes up at 3am… because that’s how he’s rolling these days. πŸ™„




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