Maybe I’m Just Crabby. Or Hungry. Whatever.

Posted: May 14, 2013 in Boys Suck!, Life In General, My body hates me, Patience is a Virtue, Stabbing People is Wrong.

Well, Mother’s Day wasn’t totally a bust, My daughter brought me a nice gift involving chocolate and strawberries (no way to fail there, eh?). I spent lunch with my husband’s grandmother,father, and uncle. It was nice and uneventful. That was it.


So later in the day, I mentioned to my husband that he never said Happy Mother’s Day to me. He just kind of huffed about it.


Really? How quickly men forget. As if me enduring the most painful pregnancy in my life and producing the funniest, cutest, smartest son ever was not worthy of being appreciated… πŸ™„


I’m over it now… but my birthday is in 2 weeks, and so help me, God… he had better not screw that up. Seriously. He dodged this bullet, but if he fucks up my birthday, he’s going to regret it horribly. (See how nice I am saying that? Double brownie points, Nate!)


I really haven’t been doing anything on the weight loss front. I haven’t gained anything but I haven’t really lost anything either. I have just been kinda BLAH about it all. I know I need to get my shit together and start at it again. I just don’t feel too motivated right now…

I think logging every single morsel of food I ate was very tedious and such a pain in my ass. I am considering doing extreme low carb/induction for a 30 day stretch just so I can forgo food logging and just worry about carb counts. It’s more my way of switching things up due to boredom.


I think my body truly just hates losing weight. It likes being a fat ass. It hangs on to every single ounce. I have played around with different calorie counts. I started doing some walking. I tried working out every night before bed. But, truly, the only thing I found out about myself is that my body won’t lose weight unless I go down to 1000 calories or less. In order to do that without feeling hungry, I need to make those calories more protein based. Which is my whole rationale for going extreme low carb.

I still haven’t decided yet… I know you guys will tell me to quit being crazy. It wouldn’t be a permanent thing… 30 days and then I would decide what to do next. I just need a change…

I have been trying to catch up on all the shows I love and have neglected. I just saw that Cochran won Survivor but I am still watching the season. Dammit.

Sexxxaaay Beast

Anyone here crass enough to fully enjoy Girls on HBO? This is my absolute favorite new show. I wish I had friendships that were that honest. I used to think I did. I didn’t… but I still aspire… Maybe someday…


Did anyone see the last episode of The Office? I think it was titled “A.A.R.M”. There was a entire scene where Jim is telling Dwight to quit being a pussy and go marry Angela. At the same time, Pam is in the break room watching a video that shows how Jim cannot live without her. It was one of those magical TV moments… loved it!

I’ve been trying to catch up on Project Runway and Top Chef. Damn those stupid television networks (Lifetime and Bravo?) for not making these more readily available and charging me way too much to watch them on Amazon/Vudu… they are either hard up for money or they are just being greedy bastards… *sigh*

I’m still trying to get my grilling skills up to par. I finally have steak grilling down… I did camping taters this weekend and Sean is a big fan of those. I cannot seem to grill chicken for life of me… any tips would be greatly appreciated… I hope to try fish soon but I need to research the best one to do. I also have some shrimp that may be begging for some garlic butter and a grill. πŸ˜‰


I know I am being kind of boring tonight… I just don’t have much to say… I am slightly worried I am in a depression right now, actually. :/ I’m hoping it’s just from working WAY too much. I am taking a few days off over the next couple of weeks and then taking a week off for my daughter’s birthday week in June. I am hoping to rejuvenate myself during those days off. I never thought I’d be one of those people whose job was so stressful that it killed them… but I think it is definitely that kind of job now… very sad. 😦

I think I actually have some much more entertaining posts “in the can” that i could possibly finish for you guys. I tend to start a blog post several times a week but I get side tracked with the work that pays me money and never get to finish any of them. I’ll have to look at that secret folder and see what’s stored there… so keep an eye out…

Or, better yet, DON’T keep an eye out… because then you won’t be expecting it and I won’t feel all sorts of pressure to post. Because, you know… you all don’t pay me anything except warm wishes and virtual hugs… which is nice but a little chintzy, don’tcha think? 😐

Okay, so no promises…



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