So my tenant moved out of the home I truly love and completely trashed the place. The dude told my daughter’s boyfriend that he left behind NOTHING that wasn’t already there when I left.

Uh. Yeah. Right.

Basement Main Level Upstairs

I rented houses and apartments for 20 years. I NEVER left a rental property like this. Ever!

What in the fuck are people thinking? And how do people live like this? Do you see that children’s bedroom? It was NASTY! There was ground up dirt and dog poop everywhere.  😡

The kitchen I personally and almost entirely by myself remodeled was trashed beyond recognition. 😦 Broken drawers and cabinets… the floor felt like it had syrup attached to it. Open food in every drawer and cabinet (of every room in the house, I might add). Mice droppings everywhere. There was an actual gallon milk container of urine stashed in a corner!


It is obvious that their mouse problem was due to the excessive amounts of open food everywhere… every single room, closet, drawer, counter had food on it or in it. We cleared the entire house of food and have not seen or heard one mouse or any droppings.


Seriously. How can you live like that? How can you raise children in that? They had 4 children living like that! It was absolutely disgusting.

I hate being a landlord. If I had the money to reside my house and replace all the flooring, I would sell that sucker in a split second… because I am not cut out to be a landlord and deal with such disgusting human beings destroying the home I loved so very much. 😥

It may not be much but it was my pride and joy. I put alot of sweat and tears into that place. I have many wonderful family memories there. I also have many bad memories. But it is all a part of me and a part of who I have become. I love it just as much today as I did when I first bought it.

Everyone else… my children, my ex-husband, my father… they all see the home as an albatross for me. I just don’t see it that way. If i felt like I had a choice, I would move right back into it today. It is my last remaining possession from my past that I truly love. My new husband is not a man that handles change well so he is never going to willingly move there… but it’s there anyway. And it’s mine. The good and the bad.

I have now spent about 10 days straight just working on cleaning the house enough to be able to call contractors in to fix it up. I was too embarrassed to call anyone to work on the place when it was such a sticky, icky mess.

I had originally taken a week vacation already in order to spend Chelsea’s birthday week with her. Poor Chelsea. We spent the entire week cleaning. She was a pretty good sport about it, though… such a good daughter. I am lucky with that one.

James also came and helped but he could only spend one day because he was (gasp!) working at his new job… Yeah, that whole factory thing was “killing” him so he found a new job… in air conditioning. 😆 But he’s happier and I am happy for him. He still is acting like  a 16 year old most of the time, but hey, small steps, eh?

Anyway, we have cleaned and cleared most of the house. My carpal tunnel has come back with a vengeance and my hands barely work  right now without numbing up. I am taking a break for about 3 days and hope they recover. Any tips on managing it holistically would be appreciated, peeps!

I’m just getting too old for this shit. And doing it entirely alone has been so stressful and demoralizing. I love my husband but he just sucks at manual labor anything. Period. I hired babysitters for long extra hours and he would come help me for like 2 hours and be “so tired”. Really? I worked 8-10 hours a day straight through… I wish I had the luxury of being tired. 🙄

That pissed me off but then I realized that he really just isn’t good at this kind of stuff. He hates it and he is too unsure of himself when doing it so then I have to constantly supervise and direct him. It’s easier to just have him stay with the baby while I get stuff done. I paid a fortune for extra sitter time when he could have just done it.

I’m not saying he wasn’t helpful. Don’t get me wrong. And I love the guy… he does try… 😆 He just sucks at it. Kind of like the way I suck at losing weight… I try hard and **nada**.

Which reminds me…. I worked my ASS OFF for 10 days. I sweat buckets of sweat daily. I only ate once a day and drank a shitload of watered down Diet Pepsi… and I did not lose one ounce in weight. Whhaaaaattttheeeefuuuccccckkkkk???? 😯

In other news, my father is still getting married and he is no longer speaking with me. He just doesn’t understand why I am so upset and he should get to do whatever he wants with my full support. Um. No. I can disagree if I want… especially since we agreed on a different approach and you went back on your word… but whatever… I’m nobody… go do whatever.

Okay. It’s super late. I have to go. I know this was just a quick posting, but I promise to post soon again because I am in the middle of a bathroom remodel that I also have done almost entirely alone… so I am pretty damn proud of it. Oh!  And, you know all those Pinterest post on how to clean carpet stains? Yeah. I am trying ALLLLLLL of them on that one Child’s Bedroom so stay tuned to see which remedies really do actually work! HA!




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