So, my super hot husband had to go on a business trip and I have been on my own for a couple of days. I really, really, REALLY do not see why a majority of my Stay-At-Home-Mom friends get so freaking defensive when people say they have it easy… they do. And, as many of you are well aware, my number one pet peeve in life is people who lie to themselves.

Look, I’m not saying motherhood isn’t hard. It is! I just think that it’s way harder when you have to add 8 hours of work outside of the home to it. I mean, COME ON! This is the life!

I am able to cook and clean and get everything done that I want to in the time frame that I want to! I have not once had to jerry rig something until I find time to do it right (which is usually never). I have cooked a full 4 course meal today AND fed my toddler breakfast and lunch on an actual plate BOTH times. No treat cups of cereal! I spent a majority of my morning trying to potty train my 21 month old unsuccessfully while my adolescent dog kept trying to chew up preschool books… and I totally did not freak out. This is major progress.

I attribute my wonderful day to not having to worry about work. If I had to do this every day of my life, I would not complain or be defensive about my “worth”. Ever. I seriously now believe that stay at home moms must think all of us other working moms are just complete morons. Because, really… your arguments that you work just as hard as working moms… yeah, not convincing me anymore… I call BULLSHIT.

I hate the fact that I have to work. I would LOVE to do this — cook, clean, and teach a little guy to pee — every day of my life. My job is so freaking stressful but yet so very necessary for maintaining my “responsible adult” image.


I’m thinking I already posted about this a couple of years ago. Maybe this should be my once a year rant I go on. But then I would be totally cutting my ex-husband from my life and I need that rage to keep my head in the game of life. 😆 Speaking of which…

I don’t know if this is true or not because the source is sketchy but someone told me my ex tried to “make nice” with the husband of the woman he last had an extended affair with. Apparently, he was rebuffed, but… wow. At first, I thought, what in the hell was he thinking? If you screw some dude’s wife, he doesn’t want to talk to you. Ever. Period.

My second thought was… you can make nice with someone you despised and basically destroyed but you can’t be cordial with me… the woman you have known since you were 15 years old and had your back for like ever. Some people just do not have their priorities straight. Which is highly annoying when you know they are old enough to know better.

I was telling someone who is close to my ex-husband that i really regretted the way everything went down because I missed his friendship. They were aghast and told me to quit feeling that way because my ex could give a fuck less about me. All the magic of how I felt about our past relationship is not felt in any way whatsoever by him.

When my son told my ex that I was pregnant with my now husband’s baby, my ex told my son that now he could no longer reunite with me. Really? Like really, really? Douche.

So, I’m not gonna lie… I totally thought about reuniting with him at one time… before I met my current husband… I was lonely and deep in regret and generally feeling sorry for myself. That didn’t last long… and knowing that he feels so little about me makes me so glad I snapped out of that quickly.

Lately, I have really grown even closer to my husband than I ever felt previously. I think our first year or two was our awkward getting used to each other while being totally in teenage love phase. Then we kind of hit a lull and were coasting for a minute. Now, it feels like we are in the period of just realizing how incredibly lucky we are to have found one another.

It seems like we only really feel at ease and peaceful when we are together. I can honestly say that I have never ever felt AT EASE or PEACEFUL with any other person in my life. That’s how I know I made all the right choices to get to where I am at right now. I feel super blessed and happy.

I would be super DUPER blessed if someone would just give me a large inheritance so I wouldn’t have to work anymore. Get out yer pocketbooks and wallets! Momma needs some me time! 😉



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