So, I have gotten alot of emails and messages and comments asking me to explain e-cigs so I figured I would write a short post.

Now, I am not here to debate the pros and cons of e-cigarettes with you yahoos. To each his own! All I can tell you is that I smoked real cigarettes for almost 30 years. I tried countless times to quit. I actually did quit several times and eventually started back up. I have tried gum, patches, meds, cold turkey… nothing worked.

My problem was the habit of smoking. I used to LOVE smoking. I loved the burnt tobacco taste, the burnt tobacco smell, the wispy clouds of smoke coming out of my mouth… I also loved smoking after every meal, after sex, walking the dog, before I went to bed, in the morning after I peed…

E-cigarettes were the ONLY thing that saved me. I’m sure one day we will find that the chemicals pose some kind of long term hazard but I was going to die like in the next 10 years if I didn’t get my shit together… I’ll take my chances, thank you very much. Your mileage may vary. Make your own choices… I’m not telling you to do anything…

E-cigarettes are basically kind of like little hand held hookahs, if you’re familiar with those. If not, then they are basically little water vapor producers. The water vapor is inhaled via the tank or cartridge. That vapor is produced from heat from the battery. That’s a very lowcal version of a proper description right there…

I was super confused when I decided to do this and just became frustrated and bought a starter kit. Starter kits are wonderful but pricey. And I didn’t actually figure out how everything worked until after I got the kit and saw it in my hand. The kit I purchased was on a Black Friday special. It was $38 after using the sale price and a coupon. You can find coupons online for most places like this just by googling.

So the starter kit had 2 batteries (the white part of a normal cigarette), a USB charger, a wall charger adapter (which I never use), and 2 packages of cartridges – one coffee and one plain tobacco flavored. V2 Cigarettes generally offers a free shipping option, which I used, and the starter kit came very quickly. I think it arrived 4-5 days later.


Now, I actually haven’t seen any deals as good as the deal I got since that time, but you could always hold out… The kit is like $60 without any deals but it’s a great starter kit and the batteries have a lifetime warranty. There are 2 batteries included.

So that was option one. If you are cheap ass and don’t want to invest that much in something you just aren’t sure of, you can build your own. I will tell you exactly what you need and where to purchase everything.

1. Battery – $8.95
2. Tank – $2.25
3. USB Charger – $3.95
4. 5ml E-Juice – $2.50 (I recommend the Thin Mint Cookie flavor)

Total: $17.65

So you can build your own starter kit for $17.65. That doesn’t include shipping but you can probably offset the shipping by using coupons that you find online.

Another option is to just go buy one in the gas station for $10 like I did on Thanksgiving and try it out. But generally, they don’t have cool flavors in gas stations and you are paying like $10 for basically one pack of smokes… But it’s super quick and easy. I haven’t seen the V2s in gas stations that I frequent but they may be in your local one.

Now, with the homemade set up, here’s what you get:


First thing you do is attach the USB charger (sorry no picture of that) to your white (or whatever color you chose) battery by screwing it on gently. Then you plug the charger into your computer. Next, you fill the tank with the e-juice/e-liquid by dropping drops carefully down the insides of the tank. The black mouthpiece just pulls right off to accomodate this. Try not to get anything down the middle hole… but if you do, just replace the mouthpiece firmly and blow through it into a napkin and that will clear it. When the battery is charged (blue or green light usually), then disconnect the battery from the charger and screw the tank onto the battery. It should now look like this:


When you first start smoking this, it feels awkward because obviously it’s not a real cigarette… it’s heavier and a little longer and has a blue tip (if you used the one I referenced above anyway). You can’t just hold this in your mouth. I wish I could but I can’t.

When you take your first puff, you need to “prime” it. This means you need to take a couple of quick puffs on it to get it going. This is how it works on a automatic battery. There are manual ones with buttons where you wouldn’t have to do that, but I don’t like the buttons… Now, depending on the “juice”, it should feel almost as good as real smoking!

When I first started, I really liked the tobacco flavored cartridges from V2 and I LOVED the coffee ones. But each cart only lasted about one day. They cost about $2 a cartridge in small quantities, which is still cheaper than real cigarettes. I ordered some actual liquid from V2 to refill the cartridges, which you can do if you don’t smoke them to the point that they are completely dry. As I researched how to refill on Youtube, I saw the clear tanks and different e-juice manufacturers… I decided to try a few for shits and giggles.

ECBlend is where I have been purchasing most of my e-juice liquid. E-Liquid is composed of a flavoring base, nicotine, and propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerine (VG). They have like a million flavor blends over at ECBlend and all have reviews. The ECBlend website also has a shit ton of educational material there to explain that stuff too you.

The basics? Pick a flavor. Pick a nicotine strength. I started at 24mg (2.4% at V2) and have worked my way down to 12mg (1.2% at V2) in 2 months. I hope to eventually be at 0 strength nicotine.Then, you have to choose a base mix (at ECBlend anyway). The default is 50%VG/50%PG. The PG along with the nicotine strength produces a throat hit… the burn at the back of your throat when you smoke… usually pretty important to smokers actually… The VG produces the vapor (aka smoke) and thickens the liquid and enhances the flavor. I have been doing 60%PG and 40%VG and the vapor produced is perfect for me. Much better than the V2 cartridges.

I have tried like 10 or 15 different juices so far. You can get a 5ml bottle of any flavor for $2.50 and they have cheap shipping so why the hell not? My absolute favorite that is my all day juice is Thin Mint Cookies. I smoked regular cigarettes before, not menthol. And I generally hate all the other sweet ones I have tried… but this one is just too addictive!


E-liquids do sometimes taste better over time. There is alot of information on ECBlend about “steeping”, which is basically waiting for it to age and blend better. I can do the Thin Mint right out of the mailbox. I have several coffee flavors “steeping’ right now in hopes of something being even remotely worth repurchasing. I tried the Orange Delight tonight and it tastes just like a creamsicle so I think that’s a winner! 🙂

So these are the very, very basics for you. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to message, comment, or email me!



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