Not too shabby for this fat chick, eh? I am pretty satisfied. I mean, I wish it was like 100 pounds but whatev…Β  πŸ™‚

I actually think it would have been slightly more, but remember how I decided to stop drinking caffeine? Yeah, that didn’t work out so well. I actually GAINED 2 pounds that first week. After some research and constant bitching over at EP, I found out that caffeine is generally a diuretic… And when you stop drinking caffeine, your body… MY stupid freaking body… retains water.


So I stopped that. πŸ˜† I mean, the benefits of continuing to drink coffee way outweigh the risks. For me anyway. Maybe I’ll try again when I am at goal weight but not right now. Besides, decaf coffee SUUUUUUCKS!!!

So, anyway, I am super excited that I have lost so much weight. I have no illusions that I will continue to lose more than 10 pounds a month. My goal is 4 pounds a month. Anything over that is gravy. Low carb gravy…

Oh! And another thing I realized during my no caffeine week was that my efforts to increase my carbs caused me to not get enough fat in, which may have contributed to not losing any weight that week. As a result, I wasn’t even eating 1500 calories. It’s funny, because you’d think I would lose weight by eating less calories. that is NOT the case, though, when your body hates you. Nope.

So, I upped my fat, started drinking coffee again, and increased my calories to 1600-1700 a day. And the 2 pounds I gained turned into 3 pounds lost! I’m okay with that. πŸ˜‰

I know (because I have been told 100 times by the militant bitches in the Facebook groups over and over and over again) that I am not supposed to be counting calories on LCHF, but um… FUCK OFF! I know my super catty, overly frumpy, control freak body better than anyone else. It needs calorie restriction. I cannot lose weight by eating 3000 calories a day. Bitches.


In fact, I have had it with all these internet people who like to tell you how you should live. I imagine they are all homebound and lonely and have nothing better to do than to try to instigate bullshit all day. Back in the day, I was always up for a good fight. Now, at 40ish, I have no patience at all. I do not have time to explain to you why you are ignorant or why your peers that you are defending are ignorant. Seriously. I have way better things to do in my life… carry on telling everyone else how to live… and stay the hell away from me.

I had two instances where people tried to provoke me into arguments on Facebook this week. I didn’t bite. I thought about it. And then I decided I needed to paint my toenails. Priorities, people! Priorities! πŸ˜€

I haven’t weighed myself in a couple of days but I hope it’s positive… or rather, NEGATIVE. πŸ˜† I ate a shit ton of creamed spinach this week. I don’t even like spinach a whole lot but the taste is addictive!


Okay, it’s not the best picture in the world… it is what it is… here’s the recipe for the spinach:


Items in this meal Calories Protein Fat Carbs Fiber Sugar
New Star – Classic Spinach – Raw, 140.3 g (1 1/2 cups) 33 3 0 5 3 0
Onions – Raw, 20 g 8 0 0 2 0 1
Centrella – Grated Parmesan Cheese, 0.8 Tb (5g) 15 2 1 0 0 0
Spices – Garlic powder, 0.5 tsp 5 0 0 1 0 0
Philadelphia Cream Cheese – Original, 2 oz 200 4 18 2 0 0
Butter – Unsalted, 3 tbsp 305 0 35 0 0 0

(Well, that table just looks horrific… HELP!)

Keep in mind that I used 3 Tablespoons of butter because I needed to up my fat. You could use one tablespoon. Or use a different fat like Olive Oil or Coconut Oil. Whatever. It’s totally adjustable. And it’s filling. And super rich and decadent. Mmmm! πŸ˜€

And before some jack off comes around here bitching at the measurements… I use a digital scale and weigh everything I can. I am super anal and a chronic perfectionist. Measurements are not always the same for every person doing the measuring in a cup. For example, it says the 140 grams of spinach was only 1 1/2 cups. I’m telling you…. no. It was way more than 1 1/2 cups. Grams don’t lie. That’s the way I roll. There are a million recipes out there for Creamed Spinach. Go find one of the other ones if you hate my measurements.Β  πŸ˜›

The totals for the recipe above, as is: 566 Calories, 9 grams of protein, 54 grams of fat, 10 total carbs, 3 fiber, (7 Net carbs), 1 sugar. You can make several changes to alter for various reasons. Taking the onion out saves 2 carbs and 1 sugar, for example.

Okay, so there is my two month weigh in post. If anyone here is using Myfitnesspal, feel free to friend me. My user name is reneeroling. I need friends there… because just like in real life, I am a loner there too. 😐


  1. I love creamed spinach! Especially with chicken. πŸ™‚

  2. Kristin says:

    Creamed spinach and creamed broccoli are my keto life savers! SO good

  3. Chris says:

    Love your blog! So witty and no nonsense, keep keeping it real! I’m also looking for LCHF MFP friends but cannot find you under reneeroling, I get a “no matches found”… Menopause is frying my brains i guess because I cannot seem to grasp the whole LCHF concept as after 3months i only lost 4 pounds and keep yoyoing +2, -1 pounds over and over..you are so right, Facebook groups have a lot of hard core militants so it is intimidating…basically I’m stuck in this puzzling journey…

    • Renee says:

      I think their search feature is having problems this week. They are supposed to fixing it. I would love to have more friends though, so don’t forget about me next week!

      Also, I rarely comment in Facebook groups. I just read the threads I think might be interesting and move on. Lots of good info, but at the end of the day, you need to customize a plan that works for you! It took me a bit…

  4. Ketokirl says:

    I agree with you comments πŸ’―%. That’s why I started this page. I was sick of people telling me that I had to have this and had to have that I needed to count microes. Not my kind of stuff, that ain’t my thing! I’m inviting you to check us out maybe you want to join. I usually give information and every once in a while now I’ll make up a recipe and give it out. Look forward to seeing you thanks. That the way you are funnyπŸ˜ƒ.

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