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Well… 😆

I can finally keep a promise! This blog post **WILL** feature the pretty much finished nursery AND… (GASP! 😯 ) a baby! 😀

Yep… you heard me right… please let me introduce to you:


Is that not THE most adorable little baby boy you have EVER seen in your life????

You’d better be saying yes, jerks… 😆

I am IN LOVE with that little tubby bundle!

Sooo… alot has happened since I last popped in here… to say the least!!! 😉

Where do I start?


The last time I spoke here I was miserable beyond belief, very bitter towards my medical team, hated every person on the planet, and was generally feeling sorry for myself and being a big huge Debbie Downer. 😦

Yeah, sorry about that, folks… Can’t say much more than that… I’m sorry.

So anywaaaay… I continued feeling that way for another solid week… and after 2 more hospital trips for ultrasounds and non-stress tests for the baby… and after getting ANOTHER doctor to finally say, “wtf… why are we waiting to get this ginormous kid out?” I was finally scheduled for a C-section due to size the day before my original due date… 🙄

The doctor who got the ball finally rolling for me said it must be a man thing to not commit to a date because she probably would have scheduled me for a C-section 2 weeks prior. But that’s because she is a woman and she is not afraid to say that she would induce for size alone… My last ultrasound, at 39 weeks exactly, Sean measured 9 pounds 6 ounces. Now, granted, that is a guesstimate… he was still inside me so it can’t be 100% accurate so there is a margin of error…

But this was my second or third ultrasound with this particular tech. I trusted her because she was confident in her own numbers. She fully admitted to the possibility of a 2 pound error margin but she also told me, “I don’t think I am wrong”. And she wasn’t… 🙄

I have never had major surgery like that before… the worst I had was outpatient gall bladder surgery… not really a biggie… a C-section is major abdominal surgery. I had been preparing for the long hard work of a natural childbirth. I thought this would be a breeze… and it was to some extent…

I did not have hours upon hours of back breaking labor followed by 2 hours or more of pushing. Nope. It was all scheduled and I went in and basically it was all planned out in advance. Yadda yadda yadda. So everyone on the “team” is very upbeat and conversational… The anesthesiologist woman was super peppy and annoying… 🙄

So they start doing their THANG – prepping me, getting instruments in place, double checking dosages… Everything is a go and we get started. It was a very surreal experience being awake to feel tugging but nothing else. 😯 They brought Andrew in. He is a bit squeamish at the sight of blood and intestines and stuff like that so he was not going to look beyond the sheet barrier they had mocked up…

So, like I said, everyone is doing their jobs… my doctor was periodically letting me know what was next and what to expect in terms of pressure. He gets to the part of pulling the baby out of the uterus and tells me there will be alot of pressure but no pain and he just wanted to warn me. Okay. I get it. Then he pulled the baby out…

There were like 10-12 people in this operating room. When the baby was pulled out, there was this brief silence and then my doc says, “We made the right choice on this one!” and he proceeds to let me know the baby is out and BIG as predicted. Everyone else in the room is reacting as well with “wow”s and “oh my”s and stuff so that prompts Andy to look over the sheet. Then he sat right back down on the seat next to me and leans over and says, “he’s very large”.

Huh? 😯 Like how large? I mean, really… HOW LARGE???

So they whisk baby Sean and Andrew off to our room and I remain in the Operating Room to be closed up and stabilized. The doctor and all the techs and nurses start taking bets on the weight amount. My doctor’s pick? 9 pounds 14 ounces!!!!

Excuse me??? 😯

Word comes back from my room that the weight was…

10 pounds 2.1 ounces!!!!!

Holy crapola!!! That would have tore the crap out of me! LITERALLY!!!

So I lived through it and we have now made Sean Christopher the center of our little world. We are extremely happy… so happy we are probably annoying to everyone else. 😛 We post all sorts of pictures and videos that really have no meaning to anyone but us. 😆 We’re THOSE people…

This is really an amazing experience for me… I know I have done it all before but I think you tend to appreciate the experience a little more as an old timer like me… Every single experience is an adventure of sorts.

What didn’t register with me immediately is how this was a million “first times” for Andrew. Every single thing he has done in the last several days is a “first time” for him. He had never changed a diaper, fed a bottle to a baby, wrapped a baby in a blanket, rocked a baby to sleep, etc., etc. I was so happy that when I delivered Sean at 8:23am on the 19th, they immediately took the baby and Andrew back to our private room and after checking him out, the doctor handed Sean to Andrew.

They got to spend about 30-45 minutes totally alone together. Andy didn’t tell me much about that time that he spent with Sean but he did tell me it was very emotional for him. 😥 Awwww….

Okay… so enough about all that… 😆

Here’s the nursery!

It still isn’t completely done… I need artwork above the crib… It’s partially done but I didn’t have time to hang it. I am adding canvas black and whites above those. i also need to still do the fake Capiz shell light fixture. I just need to find the time… 😆 story of my life right there…

I still was not able to talk Andy into bringing that second chair up from the basement. But you see the huge gaping hole, right? RIGHT???!!! I mean, COME ON! 🙄

I do want to thank every single one of you who either came to see me or called or sent text messages while I was in the hospital. We are a very nuclear society and I am one of those who appreciates that sometimes all you can offer is a little e-card. Life gets the best of all of us sometimes, so I do understand when you can only make a small gesture or nod. I also understand when you are too overwhelmed to do anything at all. 😉

I get discharged tomorrow morning and will start my maternity leave in full force. I am pretty sore but I am hoping to be much more peppy and agile once the swelling and inflammation has subsided… it hasn’t so far. 😐 I will try to blog post a little more often now that I am off work for a bit.

I hope everyone else has been well. I love all you guys!



I know… it’s been a few days… I have been MIA this week. Just feeling BLAH! I think it’s all the gloomy rainy weather. COME ON SUMMER! I’m waiting for you to cheer me up!!!

Alot has been personally going on this week. James got into some trouble this past weekend so I am hoping that he is going to make some life changes soon. We keep talking about it but he has not yet taken the steps needed to get to it. For the first time in a year, though, he came up to me today and hugged me and kissed me! 🙂 And THANKED ME!!! 😀

So I am cautiously hopeful that he is being sincere about getting his shit together. I am willing to help him if he is actually going to get himself on the right track. I think he wants it but he is just having a hard time executing it. Unfortunately, as I said to him, he is an adult and there are some decisions and actions he must make on his own. I can’t do it for him. That’s what he wants me to do but he really is going to have to do it on his own. I won’t help him by doing things for him.

In other news, I finally got the new porch furniture for Andy’s! He went Tuesday morning and got it for me. The last ones in stock! Whew! That was close! But it looks amazing and I can’t wait for Mother Nature to get off her ass and change this weather so I can sit out and enjoy it!

New Porch Furniture & Kiana

So, the Love Yourself Project has been over for a few weeks now, but I found out today that I received an award for my “High Art” photo from some group at DA. To me, it’s not my favorite in the collection, but apparently, semi-pro photographers are pervs so they liked it. I am still grateful for the recognition. I’ll post it here. It’s just my ass for Pete’s sake. Really. Nothing to write home about. It’s all in the editing really. And I don’t think it qualifies as porn, although maybe it’s borderline depending on your definition of porn. 🙄

High Art... or picture of my ass... either way: AWARD WINNING!

I need to wrap this up. Andy is waiting for me at home… My new computer sucks ass so I am going to return it this weekend. My camera is decent and I like it so I’m keeping it. I still think my 6MP camera is better, though. You would think it would take better pictures for being 14+MP but it doesn’t.

I promise I will write another blog in the next day or two. Also, I will approve comments soon. I just haven’t had time.

Love you all!

I just can’t decide and I’m being all PMSy about it and Nate is driving me nuts with his NON-ANSWERS. He’s usually the one I turn to for these decisions because he is always very straight forward and honest. Yesterday and last night, even he couldn’t decide. So me and him as a team are a hot mess right now.

So I took new pictures for various areas on my blog and to use in later blogs. I’m not sure which ones are usable and which ones just suck ass outright. I hate making these decisions because I’m really not naturally creative. I really have to work at it.

I’m exhausted now. You decide. Tell me how you REALLY feel…

Brainy Picture... for the WHO page probably?

Or maybe this one should be on the WHO page?

Or maybe it looks better close up and without bars?

Or maybe just a plain old straight on shot for the WHO page?

I was going to make this an icon with Devil Horns...

This is the one that still needs work to become the Angel icon

This was going to be the icon for random sexpot posts. I hate it. Nate loves it.

I want to turn this into an icon but Nate says it should remain large?

There ya go! If you click on each one, you can see the larger version… Please tell me what you think for Pete’s sake before my brain explodes! 😡

I will be doing multiple blog posts tonight. So much has been going on this week! I got a little pre-occupied and didn’t post blogs I meant to. I have been writing intermittently (is that spelled right?) but I have not had time to post. Let’s start with the PHOTO CONTEST!

The EP Love Yourself Project deadline is MIDNIGHT, people! If you haven’t submitted your photos, GET ON THAT…. NOW! I submitted mine today. And I am thrilled with all of my submissions. For a lucky few, I forwarded a slide show to your email address that I made. That’s why I have been M.I.A. this week. Between editting and trying to figure out the slideshow, I was up to my eyeballs in doo doo! I was a hot mess 2 days ago! 😆

I worked so hard on editting the pictures and I was so excited about them. I tried to do a slideshow in Picnik, and of course, it wouldn’t let me do anything. It’s always when you really need something to work that it doesn’t. Then I tried some software on the web but none would do everything I wanted. Then I tried to use Microsoft Windows Movie Maker. *sigh*

Did you know there are two Windows Movie Makers? Yeah, me either… I was trying to get through Windows Movie Maker, swearing up a storm, throwing crap all over my office… I get to Andrew’s and I am on the verge of tears and exhausted, so I take a nap. Once I woke up and could remain coherent for more than 20 seconds, Andy asked what I was trying to do… and fixed the mess in 2 minutes… and made it infinitely better in about 10 minutes…. really. 🙄

Now, my pictures are “mature content”, which is why I am not posting them here. The project was focussed on body appreciation. Most of the participants are either BBW or disabled in some way… (well, except for Nate… but he’s the only BOY participating so… maybe that’s a disability? 😆 ) It’s a project to learn how to love yourself for exactly who you are, flaws and all, and to see the best parts of you in a new light. Okay. So. I love this project. I was the creator. Nate was the pusher.

Anyway… so I had to ask Andy for help. I have known since day 1 when I first spoke to him by messages through POF 2 years ago that I am *NOT* his body type. And he is pretty superficial generally. So, naturally, I am a bit self-conscious around him. But here’s the deal. He’s the ONLY ONE ON EARTH I am self-conscious about. Generally, anyone else on earth can see me butt ass naked and I really could care less. I’ve never been very vain and I tend to accept everyone else and their bodies with pretty much no regard at all, if that makes sense. I’m not one of those people who thinks evil thoughts about you personally if I see that your nipples are enormous or you are sporting a huge johnson. Now if you are wearing clothing that is so sheer that your ginormous nipples are visible or jeans where the outline of your dick is prominently displayed… well, hey… you are fair game then. So I guess I judge on how you present your bits, not the bits themselves. Shit. I’m digging a hole here….

Gee, well, here’s a round about, long ass way of saying this: I didn’t want Andy to see my pictures and be totally freakishly grossed out. So I was trying to get him to fix my problem without bringing up the pictures. Once we started talking, I realized he could definitely solve my problems, but I was hemming and hawing because I was trying to do it without disclosing the goods. EPIC FAIL!

So I had to show him the pictures. And YES, I am incredibly embarrassed, but what could I have done? For those of you who saw the slideshow, it was amazing, right? It had music and a fancy schmancy Title Screen and End Credits. All the captions Nate and I wrote showed up. The pictures look amazing on Full Screen mode. I am supremely pleased! And I could not have done it without Andrew’s expertise and vast movie soundtrack collection. 😆

I’m still embarrassed. I’m still very self conscious. But I did it all in the name of my little project that could! If you want a copy of the slideshow, send me your email address to charmcgee on yahoo and I will forward it. I can’t post it to Facebook because it definitely has nudity in it. If you are a Deviant member, I have posted them in a gallery collection there. They are all posted on EP in the Photography forum under “Project Love Yourself”. Nate was able to pull a few strings and we have a real, live, professional fashion photographer who will be judging in 4 categories on April 1st. There are 3 places in each category. No prizes other than recognition within the group but that’s good enough for me. The guy Nate found loves BBWs (so says Nate) and did fashion spreads for many major fashion mags until he retired in 2004. We are very lucky to have him and I am super excited!

So go upload your photos! You only have a few hours left! MIDNIGHT PST! Good luck everyone!

I’ll close this post out with the least risque photo in my collection:

Sweet Dreams - and it's Copyrighted so don't steal it!

6 MONTHS, HATERS!!! Six months ago TODAY, Andy made his move and we became an official couple! So… to the people who said he wasn’t into me, to just give up hope, that he obviously only liked me as a friend, that he wasn’t emotionally available…. HA! I am the one having the last laugh! 😆

Now, I have refrained…. very reluctantly… from making anything special to commemorate this milestone. It’s killing me! 😆 But I think I am making the right decision. As much as I would love to break out the graphic arts program, my Grandmother’s scissors, and a plethora of scrapbooking papers…. I am keeping my mushy gushy romantic creativity under wraps… 😦

To keep myself from making some embarassingly fluffy, underappreciated art extravaganza, I have been working on a new art challenge…. thanks to Nate. The “Love Yourself” project was started over a year ago at EP. It’s about body appreciation. Yes, I was the one who started it. I was also the first one to get distracted and quit the project. Well, Nate went and challenged me to restart it by talking alot of smack over at EP. Soooo… now I *have* to do it!

It is a “body appreciation” project so most of the pictures would be considered “mature content”. I am still working on it. I need to wash the gray out of my hair and then I will be doing stage 2 this weekend since Andy works all weekend. I am jealous of everyone who has someone else to help them with this project. I have the luxury of knowing that I am not Andy’s preferred traditional body type 🙄 so there is no way in HELL I would even dream of asking him to help me. But doing self portraits is hard and I think I should get extra points for doing this all by my lonesome! 😀

I am loving the results on a few of the pictures, though…. even if I do hate my back and arms… Here’s the teaser:

Okay, so that’s that. NOW….. whoever the hell is responsible for telling me what to watch on TV (and by whoever, I mean NATE!), you are really dropping the ball! Why didn’t anyone tell me Celebrity Apprentice restarted? Gary Busey, Lil Jon, Star Jones, Dionne Warwick? OMG! This is like a reality train wreck dream come true! And so far they have not disappointed me! And I have been so surprised at how uncrazy Latoya Jackson appears! She seems really sweet so far! And a show that makes NeNe from HOA appear to be the most normal one of the bunch? Oh yeah! I am THERE!

Since Andy doesn’t have cable and now that I am cancelling cable at my own house, it’s hard for me to find out about what shows are starting or upcoming unless I already have them in my facebook newsfeed or something. So whenever you all find something out, let me know! You know what I like… trashy reality TV shows, TV shows that have a completely insane famous person hosting/guest hosting/appearing on them, and anything that puts normal people in very stressful or inappropriate situations…

Tonight, Andy and I are going to the movies and to supper. And… I didn’t even have to suggest it! HE is the one who asked me to do something special today! He is so a keeper! 😀 Such an about turn from what I’m used to… but he does have that freakish memory thing so now he will never have any excuse to ever miss any important dates. EVER! 😆

Okay… I’m out of here for today, but remember that I am alone for most of the weekend, so I will probably be posting a blog either Friday or Saturday… See ya later! 🙂