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I think I’ve already written about this before so I won’t get into it too far but…

This past summer, when I was in the depths of hell and a nicotine soaked depression after a skank ass family trashed my beloved first home, I received an offer for help from a random and unexpected source. It was from a woman in my community that I had worked with very casually and distantly when my son was in high school sports. Anyway, she messaged me and offered to help me on her only day off for the week.

I would classify this woman as an acquaintance at best so I was very moved and shocked at the offer. I always wanted to thank her but time got away from me. Tomorrow, I am sending her and her family a package with movies, candy, and popcorn in it, along with a card:

thank you card

Inside the card, my note to the recipient said:

Dear Patty:

This past summer, I was going through a major crisis… And whining about it on Facebook. All my supposed  “real” friends were suddenly either nowhere to be found or just being complete assholes. Out of the blue, you messaged me and offered to help.

You didn’t have to do it. You know me a little bit but we aren’t BFFs or anything. We don’t hang out on a  regular basis. You don’t owe me anything. But, out of the generosity of your heart, you were the ONLY  person whom I didn’t give birth to that offered me a helping hand..

I just want to THANK YOU for being such a generous and absolutely freaking wonderful person. Even though I didn’t take you up on your offer (mostly because I was embarrassed), your offer made me realize  that 1). not everyone in life is a dick. – that there are really good people still out there, and 2). I need new  fucking friends because mine are all assholes. Often, as I was chain smoking and covered in grime and paint, I would think about the random act of kindness you offered to me and it kept a smile on my face through the bad times.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions in 2013 was to be sure that I thanked everyone who deserved it because  I think too many people these days go unappreciated. I hope your karma is winning the Lotto… But, until then, I hope you and your family can have some quality time together watching a few classics on my dime.

I know It’s not much but I wanted you to know how very much you are appreciated, Patty.
Your friends and family are lucky to have such a loving and kind person in their lives.

Merry Christmas

So, I’m not talking about an act of kindness I myself committed, but rather, an act of kindness that was given to me. I hope every single one of you will either be the recipient of or deliverer of a completely random act of kindness. It feels great both ways. Believe me. 😉