I’m nobody. Really……

I’m really not interesting or unique in any special way. I’m plain and ordinary and very drab and boring. People are embarrassed FOR me most days…..

I have a blog because I have all this crap in my head that needs to get out. It’s my therapy because I am too cheap to hire an actual therapist. I’m not a private person so I don’t really care who sees my insanity. I do value feedback because, like I said, I am too cheap to pay for feedback.

Why you are here, I have no flipping clue…. I know I read blogs because living vicariously through others is somewhat satisfying. It’s a good feeling to know that you aren’t the only one with a seriously screwed up perspective on life. Plus, I love words. I love a good blogger that writes in a clever and witty way.

I make no apologies for what is written here. I am just one human being that is a little bit screwed up in the head. I obsess about family, friendships, relationships, coffee, reality television, my stupid ex-husband, and my ebay and etsy ventures. I have strong opinions as I am stubborn to the max. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it. You won’t hurt my feelings any…..

As one blogger pointed out recently, all bloggers are somewhat self-indulgent…. so I guess that’s what I am now, too…. proudly.

Blogging Away My Life...


Say what you mean, Mean what you say...

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